CCNA 4 Chapter 6 2017 Exam Answers 100%

CCNA 4 Chapter 6 Exam Answers Full

  1. Which statement is correct about Exterior Border Gateway Protocol (eBGP)?
    A. eBGP is a very scalable routing protocol.
    B. Any AS number can be used for connecting to the Internet.
    C. eBGP has extremely fast convergence.
    D. eBGP is a link-state protocol.
  2. What does eBGP use to determine best path?
    A. Speed
    B. Path attributes
    C. Delay
    D. Reliability
  3. Which algorithm is used with eBGP for path selection?
    A. Best path algorithm
    B. Dijkstra algorithm
    C. Bellman-Ford algorithm
    D. Edge disjoint shortest pair algorithm
  4. Where is it common to find single-homed eBGP connections?
    A. The link connecting ISPs to larger ISPs
    B. The link between internal ISP structures
    C. The link connecting an enterprise with the ISP
    D. The link providing redundancy for an ISP
  5. How are eBGP messages exchanged by peers?
    A. Via multicasts
    B. Via broadcasts
    C. Via TCP/179
    D. Via UDP/179
  6. Which statement is correct about prefix advertisements with eBGP?
    A. Private and public address blocks should be advertised with eBGP.
    B. All network addresses, including subnets, should be advertised with eBGP.
    C. Only subnets of address blocks should be advertised with eBGP as they are used in a network.
    D. Only public network address blocks should be advertised with eBGP.
  7. What can an ISP employ with eBGP to reduce load on the enterprise router?
    A. Condensed prefix advertisement
    B. Default route advertisement
    C. AS reduction advertisement
    D. Redistribution of eBGP to IGP protocols
  8. Which command will start a BGP router process for an AS of 2001?
    A. Router(config)#router bgp 2001
    B. Router(config)#bgp 2001
    C. Router(config)#ip bgp 2001
    D. Router(config)#ip router bgp 2001
  9. What is the administrative distance of eBGP?
    A. 20
    B. 40
    C. 90
    D. 200
  10. Which command will configure and advertise a network of for BGP?
    A. Router(config-router)#network
    B. Router(config-router)#network
    C. Router(config-router)#network
    D. Router(config-router)#network mask
  11. Which command will allow you to verify the BGP neighbors the router is peered with?
    A. Router#show ip bgp
    B. Router#show ip bgp summary
    C. Router#show ip bgp neighbors
    D. Router#show ip route
  12. Which command will perform a soft reset of BGP for a neighbor?
    A. Router#bgp reset
    B. Router#clear ip bgp soft in
    C. Router#clear bgp
    D. Router#clear ip bgp
  13. Which command will allow you to verify that you are connected to a BGP peer and can receive data?
    A. Router#show ip bgp
    B. Router#show bgp
    C. Router#show tcp brief
    D. Router#show ip tcp brief
  14. Which command will allow you to temporarily disable a BGP peer?
    A. Router(config)#no router bgp 200
    B. Router(config-router)#disable neighbor
    C. Router(config-router)#neighbor shutdown
    D. Router(config)#clear ip bgp neighbor
  15. You have several /29 blocks of public IPs configured on Router A. You need to advertise the entire /24 block to your ISP with BGP. Which command will allow you to achieve this?
    A. Router(config-router)#network mask
    B. Router(config)#ip route null0
    C. Router(config-router)#network
    D. Router(config)#ip route lo0
  16. Which command will allow you to verify routes line-by-line in a subset of the general route statement?
    A. Router#show ip route longer-prefixes
    B. Router#show ip route
    C. Router#show ip route bgp
    D. Router#show ip route
  17. Which measurement describes the speed of a link?
    A. Bandwidth
    B. Delay
    C. Jitter
    D. Loss

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