CCNA 4 Final 2017 Exam Answers 100%

CCNA 4 Final Exam Answers

  1. What is the definition of route statement administrative distance (AD)?
    A. The AD is a metric that routing protocols use to select the best route.
    B. The AD is a value assigned by network administrators for route selection.
    C. The AD is a rating of trust when multiple routes exist to the same destination.
    D. The AD is a value associated with the cost to the destination.
  2. Which must be configured so that EIGRP can calculate the best route?
    A. Bandwidth
    B. Delay
    C. Reliability
    D. Load
  3. You perform a show ip route on the router and see several routes with an administrative distance (AD) of 90. Which routing protocol has generated these route statements?
    A. IGRP
    B. OSPF
    C. EIGRP
    D. RIP
  4. You are configuring RIP for a network and you need to advertise the network.Which command will advertise the route for
    A. Router(config-router)#network
    B. Router(config-router)#network
    C. Router(config-router)#network
    D. Router(config-router)#network
  5. Which command must be enabled on a switch to enable routing between switched virtual interfaces for VLAN routing?
    A. Switch(config)#ip route svi
    B. Switch(config)#feature svi routing
    C. Switch(config)#svi routing
    D. Switch(config)#ip routing
  6. Which network is part of the summary route of
  7. In the following exhibit, why does the first and third ARP entry have a dash for its age?
    A. The entries are static ARP entries.
    B. The entries have just been added to the ARP table.
    C. The entries belong to the physical interfaces of the router.
    D. The entries have less than 1 minute before they expire.
  8. Which OSPF packets contain link-state and routing information?
    A. Hello packets
    B. LSA packets
    C. LSU packets
    D. Dead packets
  9. Which field in the IP header is used to prevent a packet from endlessly routing?
    A. Checksum
    B. Flags
    C. TTL
    D. Header length
  10. Which layer 2 protocol has built-in security for WAN connections?
    A. HDLC
    B. PPP
    C. IPSec
    D. Metro Ethernet
  11. Which QoS marking is used at layer 3 for routed packets?
    A. DSCP
    B. CEF
    C. CoS
    D. QoE
  12. Which WAN protocol does not support multicast packets?
    A. GRE
    B. IPSec
    C. PPP
    D. MPLS
  13. Which is a correct statement about support for OSPF on an MPLS network?
    A. The provider edge (PE) routers can only host area 0.
    B. The customer edge (CE) routers can only host area 0.
    C. The customer edge (CE) routers must use GRE for OSPF.
    D. Both the customer edge (CE) routers and the provider edge (PE) routers can participate in area 0.
  14. What is the definition of a trust boundary in relation to QoS?
    A. A trust boundary is where the QoS markings are first configured.
    B. A trust boundary is where the QoS markings are stripped at the router.
    C. A trust boundary is where the network begins to trust the QoS markings from devices.
    D. A trust boundary is the separations of QoS queues based upon their priority.
  15. Which WAN connectivity technology is always configured in a hub-and-spoke topology?
    A. IPSec
    B. MPLS
    C. DMVPN
    D. Metro Ethernet
  16. Under which circumstance will a DHCP server issue a NACK message to the client?
    A. When the DHCP server IP address pool is depleted.
    B. When the DHCP client requests an IP address that has not been offered.
    C. When the DHCP client requests an IP address that the DHCP server cannot lease.
    D. When the DHCP client’s lease time has ended.
  17. When a DHCP server is responding to a DHCP Discover message from a client, which address does the DHCP server use in its response?
    A. Broadcast MAC address
    B. Client’s IP address
    C. Server’s MAC address
    D. Client’s MAC address
  18. Which authentication method will allow an authenticated user to be able to access only certain commands on a router or switch?
    A. TACACS+
    B. AAA
    D. 802.1X
  19. If a router has two interfaces and you only use IPv4, how many access control lists can be configured on the router’s interfaces?
    A. One
    B. Two
    C. Four
    D. Eight
  20. You have a router that you configured with a password, but you have forgotten the password. You have a copy of a recent configuration, and the password line reads as password 7 06074352EFF6. How can you access the router?
    A. You must call the Cisco Technical Assistance Center to reverse the password.
    B. You need to enter the password 06074352EFF6.
    C. Log into another router and type decrypt-password 06074352EFF6 in privilege exec mode.
    D. Perform a password recovery on the router.
  21. Which command will achieve the same goal as the command access-list 2 permit host
    A. Router(config)#access-list 2 permit
    B. Router(config)#access-list 2 permit Router(config)#ip access-list 2 permit host
    D. Router(config)#access-list 2 permit
  22. You have a license on a USB drive. Which command would you use to install a license to a router that was obtained from Cisco?
    A. Router#license install usbflash0:FTX3463434Z_2016030415234562345.lic
    B. Router(config)#license install usbflash0:FTX3463434Z_2016030415234562345.lic
    C. Router#license install file usbflash0:FTX3463434Z_2016030415234562345.lic
    D. Router#copy usbflash0:FTX3463434Z_2016030415234562345.lic flash:
  23. What is the default destination of Cisco devices for sending syslog messages?
    A. Broadcasts to a syslog server
    B. Console
    C. TTY
    D. NVRAM
  24. You perform a show version and see the configuration register of 0x2142. What will the router do on the next reload?
    A. The router will reboot with a console speed of 19200 baud.
    B. The router will ignore breaks to the IOS.
    C. The router will ignore the contents of NVRAM.
    D. The router will boot into ROMMON mode.
  25. On which software-defined network (SDN) plane does CDP function?
    A. Data plane
    B. Control plane
    C. Network plane
    D. Management plane
  26. What must the network management station (NMS) be configured with before it can read the SNMP counters on a router or switch?
    A. SNMP community
    B. MIB
    C. Version of SNMP
    D. All of the above

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